“The black truffle is the soul of nature, its hidden essence”.

It was a categorical statement from Spanish chef Santi Santamaría. But before it reached the world’s top kitchens, this delicacy had to travel through time and space, from the depths of the earth to the table, in a mist of darkness and magic.

The black truffle, or Tuber melanosporum, is an underground fungus with a similar origin to that of the white truffle (Tuber magnatum) and other truffles offering less quality and aroma, such as Tuber brumale and Tuber aestivum, the summer truffle. It needs such special growing conditions that it is only found in the Mediterranean Basin countries. Spain, together with Italy and France, is one of the main producer countries.

The black truffle can only develop in symbiosis with the roots of certain quercus trees, especially holm oaks, hazelnut and oaks. But it also needs the right climate and a precise geographical location.

The truffle that Can Viandes provides, comes directly from expert collectors in Moncayo ( Spain , Zaragoza region ) and it’s allways a fresh product from daily harvest. .

Cooking, black truffles are used to refine the taste of meat, fish, soups and risotto. Unlike white truffles, the aroma of black truffles does not diminish when they are heated, but becomes more intense.

Our truffle is not cultivated, it is wildy hunt under request and season to get the prestigious fungus.

How do we do this??

We receive your order and within 48 hours we confirm availability. Then, we do the shipment by plane in packaging that guarantees the perfect conditions of the truffle during the shipment and delivery.

Now you are ready to enjoy all the aromas from the forest undergrowth in your dishes!!

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