SAL de IBIZA is a line of superb table salt products, all made of 100% sea-salt of the highest possible quality , made in the midle of the Mediterranean Sea .

Can Viandes also provides you the SAL de IBIZA dried fruits line so you can have the perfect complement for your mediterranean diet.

SAL de IBIZA is harvested exclusively in the nature reserve “Parc natural de ses Salines d’Eivissa”. It contains no additives or preservatives, nor does it undergo any form of refinement other than slow drying under the sun and gentle grinding in ancient stone mills, enabling SAL de IBIZA to retain its more than 80 vital minerals and trace-elements.

There is nothing added nor taken away, because a pure and healthy sea-salt requires nothing but sun, sea, and the breeze! Truly Cristal de la Vida!


  • SAL DE IBIZA “table salt in granite” 125gr.
  • SAL DE IBIZA – FLOR-  “glass of the life” 150gr.
  • SAL DE IBIZA “with herbs – granite” 55gr.
  • SAL DE IBIZA “lemon grass and ginger – granite” 100gr.
  • SAL DE IBIZA “with chili – granite” 75gr.
  • ESPINALER Sauce  ( 1/4   250ml ) / ( small botle  92ml )
  • CINNAMON “ground in pot”700 gr.
  • CINNAMON “sticks in pot” 250 gr.
  • SAFFRON “in jar” 5gr.
  • THYME flower in pot 400 gr.
  • THYME “ground in pot ” 500gr.
  • CAYENNE ” ground in pot ” 800gr.
  • OREGANO “ground in pot” 600gr.
  • VANILLA “sticks in bags” 50gr.
  • NUTMEG grain in pot 900 gr.
  • ROSEMARY  in pot 500 gr.
  • STAR ANISE green, grain in pot 650 gr.
  • GARLIC GRANULATED in pot 1kg.
  • GARLIC POWDER in pot 800 gr.
  • CUMIN grain in pot 650 gr.
  • CUMIN ground in pot 800 gr.
  • CURRY RED CHILI in pot 400 gr.
  • CHIMICHURRI spices 200 gr.
  • LAUREL in pot 50 gr.
  • ORIGAN in pot 150 gr.
  • ORIGAN ground in pot 600 gr.
  • CLOVE in brunch in pot 500 gr.
  • GINGER gorund in pot 800 gr.
  • BASIL in pot 250 gr.
  • SESAME black 1 kg.
  • SESAME golden in pot 900 gr.
  • SESAME  white in pot 900 gr.
  • CARDAMOM GRAIN 250 gr.
  • MINT in pot 100 gr.
  • EUCALYPTUS leaf 100 gr.
  • CORIANDER groundin pot 650 gr.
  • MUSTARD dried grain 900 gr.

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