Spain may be legendary for its tapas, paella, sunny beaches and siestas, but also topping that list is its incomparable selection of cold cuts.

Called embutidos, these sausages and sliced meats are some of the best around the world.

From the omnipresents chorizo and longaniza, to the sweet and soft butifarra, to that king of hams, the rare and pricey jamon iberico de bellota ( Spain’s most iconic products is firmly embedded in Spanish and mediterranean culture), the sausages and the country produces are a testament to the edible magic that results when a pig meets spices and a little bit of curing time.

Served on bread with tomato and a drizzle of olive oil, as an accompaniment to a glass of spanish wine, or eithert eaten out of hand right off the cutting board, there’s no way to do it wrong.


  • ELIDIO ETG RESERVA “sliced with case” 125 gr.
  • ELIDIO ETG RESERVA “sliced” 500 gr.
  • ETG RESERVA ” piece with case ” 650 gr. aprox.
  • ETG RESERVA “piece/mace with case” 3 Kg.
  • ETG RESERVA “piece/tip with case”.


  • LONGANIZA  Pedragosa Dry pork sausage regular 450 gr. (6 units in a box).
  • FUET  Pedragosa Dry pork sausage thin 220 gr. (14 units in a box).
  • CHORIZO  Pedragosa Dry red pepper pork sausage 450 gr. (6 units in a box).
  • LONGANIZA DE PAVO Pedragosa Dry turkey sausage big 450gr. (6units in a box).
  • CHORIZO Dry red pepper pork sausage Bellota Torreon Guijuelo 500 gr.
  • SALCHICHON Dry pork sausage Bellota Torreon Guijuelo 500 gr.

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